Mathijn Uilenbroek


I am an all-round designer with a background in Product Design – Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Creating is something that I have always loved to do, and with starting my own company I turned my passion in to my profession. I have broad expertise in Product & 3D Design and DTP & Graphic Design.


My strengths lie in translating the clients’ needs and wishes

into an aesthetical and practical design. Whether it be packaging,

a product, a 3D printed object or a complete visualisation of an event. The program’s that I use are Rhinoceros 3D / Grasshopper / SolidWorks, vRay / Keyshot and the Adobe Creative Suite.


Ambition and passion are my cornerstones. I am very motivated to always strive for perfection; I am only satisfied when the client is. One of the key components of achieving the best outcome possible, is straightforward and crystal clear communication.


Personal competences:

   Optimistic and relaxed attitude.

   Creative, practical and rational approach.

   Meticulous worker, attentive to detail.


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