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InVitro Chandelier

for Emmanuel Babled Studio

A study on designing an innovative chandelier with artisan glass from Murano, ItalyAfter thoroughly researching the production technique, light and the user(s) the result is a well thought-out and detailed product.




Fitz-G perspective-view.jpg
Fitz-G exploded-view.jpg
Fitz-G in user environment.jpg
Fitz-G side-view.jpg
Fitz-G top-view.jpg

Spanish Sandal

for Fitz-G (work in progress...)

Here you can see the typical Spanish sandal, but 100% recyclable. By using new materials and a nifty modular system to assemble the shoe, the design scores very high on sustainability.


Final concept.jpg
Earlier concept.jpg
Spaghetti container exploded view.jpg
Spaghetti container detail.jpg
Rice container exploded-view.jpg
Rice container detail.jpg

Food Container Set

for Brabantia

For this brand I designed a food container set. Reducing food waste had the lead role during the design process. When used you can easily measure the ‘dry’ amount of food needed to cook per person by simply using the lid of the can.



EoD 1 (epoxy resin).jpg
EoD 2 (epoxy resin).jpg
EoD 3 (epoxy resin).jpg
EoD 4 (EL-wire experiments) .jpg
EoD 5 (render).jpg
EoD 6 (render).jpg
EoD 7 (render).jpg
EoD 8 (render).jpg
EoD 9 (render).jpg

Essence of Design

This conceptual project focuses on tangible experimenting and the continuous evolvement of a design.


The result of this project establishes a link between the magic of nature and emotions of the user. By using electro-luminescent wires and epoxy resin, small installations of light-emitting objects are created in sync with their natural inspiration. 



Hema tea-egg redesign.jpg
Hema Tea-egg Redesign.jpg
Ikea opener.jpg
3D printable miniature model.jpg
EBS assignment - wall lighting appli.jpg
EBS assignment - bathroom accessoiri.jpg
EBS assignment - food bowls.jpg
EBS assignment - towel stand.jpg
Flashlight concept presentation.jpg

CAD Designs


Collection of numerous 3D designs and visualisations.



Modern Carpet Design.jpg
Business Card_MATHIJN.png
Business Card_inVogelvlucht.png
Business Card_Groeno.png
Business Card_Tobias.png
Spreadsheet Parool.jpg
Spreadsheet University.jpg

Graphic Design


Collection of numerous graphical designs, a.e. business cards, logo's or magazine sheets.  



Made with SolidWorks, Keyshot and Apple Motion 


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